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SOTO Robot Technology Co.Ltd.has more than ten years by automatic machinery The field of research and developmentmanufacturingsales history wins Machinery CO" Ltd.a wholly owned record do.Located in Humen Town of Dongguan Shajiao Communityit covers an area of over 8000 square metersMore than 200 existing full-time employees in the mechanical automation industry has a considerable Regulation Mold and advantages.Through years of precipitation and management in the automation industrywe Set up a considerable experience in the development and production teamwe have been committed Strong rise of state automation. Main products are linear motion modulesXY positioning slideindustrial robotsarticulated robots and other automated transmission element Member.Major service in the industry leading enterprises. Is a research and developmentmanufacturingSales of high-tech enterprises.

Linear motion module called linear modulesCartesian robotslinear the second linear guide ball screw linear actuator automatically Upgrade of unit.Can be achieved by combining the individualload cells ofvarious rail Track movementso automation is more flexiblemore accurate positioning. SOTO products It has been widely used in PCLEDPCBPDPbio-technologysemiconductorhand On boardIIthium battery automotiveopticalfoodmedicine and other related industrialequipmentfor exampleSuch as:measurement laser weldinglaser cuttinggluing machinesspraying machinesdrilling machinesDispensersmall CNC machine toolsengraving and milling machinesample plotterscuttingshift Carrier aircraftsorting machines testing machines and applicable education.Its advantages are:Monomer Movement speedhigh repeat positioning accuracylow body massaccounting for equipment space Smalllong life.SOTO linear module has been expanding the scope of usewhen Until todayit has contributed an indispensable force for the development of equipment manufacturingas Keen on equipment development and manufacturing engineers to bring more oppo  unities and facilitiesGreatly reducing the strength of automation equipment design and assembly debugging the maximum controlOutput system equipment manufacturing costsand in particular help to achieve rapid scale equipment Normalized productionequipment manufacturing industry is indispensable strong helper.