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Job requirements:
1、 Gender:

       Age: 20 to 30 years old;
       Education: high school or above; 

       Height: 160 cm or more

2、 Standard mandarin, sweet voice, mouth age, quick response, good image and characteristic. 
3、 Welcome the fresh students who have completed the interview this position, can be transferred to late chairman office, sales department, customer service.

Nc technician

Job requirements:
1、Familiar with CNC machine operation, the aluminum, stainless steel products processing has a certain understanding;
2、Understand the production process, can read drawings;

Mechanical assistant engineer

Job requirements:

1、Education: college degree or above

       Gender: men and women there is no limit

       Age: 20 to 35 years of age

2、major in mechanical or related, good basic knowledge of mechanical design master, there is interest in mechanical design, flexible, strong learning ability.
3、Careful and responsible work, good to force!

Assembly technician

Job requirements:

1、Education: high school degree or above, able to read assembly drawings;

       Gender: limit male

2、Good sense of responsibility, work carefully, obey force;
3、Good sense of responsibility, work carefully, obey force; 
4、Understanding of transmission line products is preferred, such as screw, guide rail assembly;
5、Good communication skills;

Quality engineer
Job requirements:
1. Education: high school degree or above, able to read assembly drawings;
    Gender: limit male
2, have working experience in mechanical product assembly, can bear hardships and stand hard work;
3, a sense of responsibility, work carefully, obey force;
4, know about transmission line products is preferred, such as screw, guide rail assembly;
5, strong communication skills;
6, have greater interest in aluminum, stainless steel products industry, are interested in this development;
7, understand production processes, and can understand processing drawings.

Automated mechanical engineer
Job description:
1, standard manipulator production figure issuance and image file management;
2, non-standard mechanical design issue;
3, development of new type of manipulator;
Job requirements:
1, more than 3 years working experience in mechanical design;
2, familiar with AutoCAD, SolidWorks drawing software, mechanical design basis, familiar with office software
3, good to force, strong execution, team consciousness, value the collective sense of honor, modesty and eagerness to learn;

Warehouse operator
Job requirements:
1. Be familiar with warehouse management process, related working experience;
2. Can bear hardships and stand hard work, has a warehouse tally clerk working experience;
3. Know the computer operation, erp system operation experience is a plus.


1, provide fresh graduates internship opportunities, familiar with the job skills to become a full member, after providing industry competitive compensation system;
2, according to the system of a company shall be entitled to enjoy the statutory holidays, marriage leave, maternity leave, funeral leave and other holiday) setting up perfect attendance, length of service awards;
3, work with employee more than one year shall enjoy the annual leave with salary, the Spring Festival the fare subsidies;
4, once accepted, all post company provided free accommodation (split the dormitory electricity);

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Company: dongguan sheng tong machinery co., LTD
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