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Stages correct installation process is like?
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1.  will dominate the ghost to be mounted is placed on the rail surface, a bolt screwed in the end (gently).
2.  turn the slider on the top of the profile, and one by one to tighten.
3.  once tighten the screw on a guide rail, then tighten the thumb screws, in accordance with this order sequentially tightened knew slide the tail in order to ensure squareness and parallelism of the guide rail in each direction within a short range of .
4.  the sub-sub-rack mounting rails in position on the need to pay attention to slide the slider aligned mounting holes, after confirming the same, the sub-rails screwed tight.
5.  before and after sliding slide, which is slide before the successful installation of the test, which should ensure a smooth slide to ensure smooth slide back and forth in the like.
6.  smooth slide after there is no problem, then tighten the screws tighten all parts of the slipway.
7.  after the entire installation process is complete, but also for the final slide mobile testing, this step is not a problem, then it can be said that the installation of the slide table accurate it!

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