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What are the characteristics of different types of slide?
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Linear slide according to the main transmission mode is divided into: ball screw drive and belt drive type slide slide, slide the two transmission modes have different strengths and shortcomings, we can learn more about the next.

1. create up to ball screw drive slide
Main frame: ball screw / motor seat / rail / track / blank / tailstock, etc!

2. belt drive type sliding table
Main frame: belt, linear guides, external profiles, motor mount, and the like.

Wherein the belt is mounted on the drive shaft (a high-speed rotating body less support, so it is vital to balancing the general drive shaft balancing test should be carried out before leaving the factory, and on the balancing machine has been adjusted. for front-engine rear-wheel drive car is transmitted to the transmission of the rotation axis of the final drive, which can be several sections that can be connected between the Festival and the Festival by the joint.) on a power input shaft , for increasing a belt mounted on the workpiece slide, the input demand, primarily through the belt so that the slider movement.

Accuracy is limited by the belt assembly process quality and process control of their precision power input will also have an impact, and the need to control production costs.

After the development of the design, while the tightness of the belt by controlling the device which helps debugging during production therein.

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