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China's industrial development industrial robots great potential
Release date:2016-07-30        Views:

Currently, the dominant industrial robots in the robotics industry, but also the industry's most valued. Chinese Academy of Engineering, Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Wang natural that China will rapidly increase the demand for robots, mainly due to rising labor costs, machine substitutions not only increase productivity, but also the long term cost savings.
In recent years, substantial growth in demand for our robot. 2013 China became the world's largest robot market in 2014, accounting for about a quarter of global sales. Demand in the market, driven by the rapid development of China's robot industry. China Robot Industry Alliance chairman Qu Road Kui introduction of larger robot development zones, industrial park currently has more than 30, there is the concept of the robot over one hundred listed companies, and robot-related enterprises has reached thousands.
Industry Development in China there is a great potential for robots. The international community usually use the robot ownership per million workers to measure the level of popularity of the robot. At present, China has a robot 23 per million workers in Taiwan, Japan, Korea and more than 300 units.
Robotics and its application has important strategic value in future international competition, the world's major countries have introduced policies to encourage the development of the robotics industry. US Robotics released the roadmap report, the robot and the Internet on the equal importance; the European Union launched the world's largest civilian robot R & D program. China also is developing the robot industry, "Thirteen Five" development plan. "Made in China 2025" will end CNC machine tools and robotics as required to achieve a breakthrough to vigorously promote the development of ten key areas.

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