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Robot production and Precautions
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Robot steering gear has a troublesome place is the smoothness of motion, this stuff is servo pulse - position type, it is easy jitter, instability, in general, is a single-chip servo + + Aggreko board background: C language (if not engineering a robot is an early traditional manual production line, started producing the initial construction is investment funds with respect to the smaller, but now as the market continues to expand the amount of demand, expanding rapidly, causing the robot appears inadequate!

Manipulator are of heavy physical work, and has a certain degree of risk caused by stamping business recruitment difficulties, is now due to large working space needs not correspond inventories of semi-finished products, the new stamping technology and die, resulting in the actual production of low efficiency, high cost Since the previous robot manufacturing accuracy is not high, the product precision instability, leading companies are now declining orders, peer competition is also very large, resulting in a robotic device is now difficult to enter the international market.
The difficulty of making the robot was heavy, large, thick products processing, and so is increasingly affect the development of enterprises, transforming robotic piece of equipment to achieve a number of enterprises in the production process is the most want to transform a place, stamping robot use and words, with the continuous upgrading of technology, stamping automatic production line just can make these problems been solved, to make up for these shortcomings, it is the safe operation of the production guarantee high-quality products. Even the professional assembler or CS), CAD (drawing arm ah), to a number of electric-mode Diudiu. The first of these, which you should be able to make your robot move up.

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