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Speed on the robot to views and opinions of the industrial robot in our country
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Industrial robot

Robots are essential to transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, quality efficiency of high-end equipment, is "made in China 2025" proposed by one of the key development areas, and industrial robot is a robot in a manufacturing environment application.

In recent years, the rapid development of robot market in China. In 2014, China's industrial robot sales of 56000 units, as the world's largest industrial robot market. As far as our country is still has the world's top industrial robot market.

Key products have implemented many of the industrial robot joint industrial robots, parallel robot, development and mass production of mobile robot body, make the domestic industrial robots in welding, handling, spraying, machining, assembly, testing, realize large-scale integrated application of cleaner production, etc.

A lot of people discuss due to the use of industrial robots will cause our country labor employment problems. You must distinguish between industrial robots and general industrial machinery. So-called industrial robots, refers to by human instructions to complete a variety of complex and repetitive and procedural operation, can in limited range, according to the change of the environment, adjust action through self awareness of machine; And general industrial machinery is completed through the remote monitoring an action of machinery and equipment. The important distinction between the two is whether the working process of the need to carry out the operation, the people in control terminal robot without help of people, and the operation of industrial machinery cannot leave like a person. Traditional robot programming personnel before, and the core of a new generation of industrial robots is characterized by intelligence. Assembly sensors and the robot of artificial intelligence can automatically identify the environment changes, thus reducing the dependence on people. Can look forward to, the future no one factory can automatic planning production processes and process according to order requirements, in the case of unattended to complete production. At present, China's manufacturing industry there is a limit to the amount of robots, robot manufacturing thousands of practitioners operating sets Japan, the United States, Germany, Korea, etc. There is the gap of the manufacturing powerhouse, really a lot to replace manual operation is general engineering machinery.

General industrial machinery replacement of the physical strength is; And industrial robots make up is a manual operation can not meet the accuracy of the and people can't win any working environment or working strength. Look at least from the present stage, our country manufacturing industry in the industrial robot and manual safely replace relationship is not significant, industrial robots are in high repeatability, high strength, high precision operation aspects we have prominent advantages, and space of manual operation in the upfront investment, flexible and flexibility have prominent advantages. Industrial robot has the competitive advantage of industries and fields, with labor comparative advantage is the most significant industries in our country and area is not completely overlap, in other words, a lot of domestic manufacturing enterprises adopt industrial robots will only on individual industries and link to replace manual operation, mainly in the short term have a positive impact on production efficiency and product quality, will not change the characteristics of China's higher labor intensive manufacturing, also won't cause the serious problem of unemployment.

Industrial robot market increasingly fierce competition, China's manufacturing industry is facing huge challenges in line with international standards, participate in international division of labor.

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