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Linear motion module introduction
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Industrial automation sliding table is to point to in the field of industrial automation to achieve linear motion device referred, also known as linear positioning module. Straight line module has several name, linear modules, rectangular coordinate robot, linear slide unit, etc., is the linear guide, ball screw, linear transmission mechanism of the automatic upgrade units. Can be realized through the combination of each unit load of straight line, curve movement, is a light load of automation is more flexible and more precise positioning.

Linear module market positioning in the photovoltaic equipment, manipulator up-down material, cutting equipment, coating equipment, SMT equipment, etc., the manipulator can bring convenience to the industry of equipment of the points are as follows: monomer movement speed, high repeat positioning accuracy, body weight, the space is little, long service life of equipment. Straight line module has been expanding the scope of use, by the equipment manufacturers of all ages. Linear module currently has been widely used in measurement, laser welding, laser cutting, coating machine, coating machine, punching machine, glue machine, small CNC machine tools, engraving and milling machine, sample machine, drawing machine, cutting bed, transfer of sorting machine, the machine and the suitable education and so on.

Linear guide is also called the slide rail, linear guide, linear slide rail, used for straight line reciprocating movement situation, has higher rated load, than the straight line bearing can bear a certain torque at the same time, can be achieved under the condition of the high load and high precision linear motion. Aluminum sliding table good appearance, reasonable design, good rigidity, reliable performance, is the basis of the combination machine tools and automatic line ideal power components good dynamic performance. High stiffness, small thermal deformation, feeding stability is high, thus ensuring the actual precision of the processing conditions (loads). Power supply generally choose stepper motor and servo motor, specific selected according to actual needs.

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