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Linear module
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Linear module is to point to in the field of industrial automation to achieve linear motion device referred, also known as positioning module. Linear module also has light weight, high speed, high precision, rust dust, etc.

1, high precision linear modules/ball guide rail there are two types of linear module. The first excellent load capacity, high precision and the expected service life is longer. The second is based on commercial design style, smooth and quiet operation, high accuracy.

2, lead screw driven linear module is designed to have high request for thrust, the stiffness, precision of heavy load, but the requirement of high speed without, such as medium speed applications.

3, when the acceleration that speed is the first factor, the choice of belt drive linear module.

4, the types of guide roller is perfectly combines the stiffness and dynamic performance. Roller guide rail load capacity, high speed, accelerating performance is good, is the ideal choice of the dynamic application. The unique can prismatic equipment with prismatic polymer bushings, can be directly run on surface of anodized profiles. Using prismatic guide can provide cost-effective, stable, reliable and without maintenance guide linear module.

Above is dongguan speed robot technology co., LTD., the introduction of the linear modules, for more information, please click on the linear module

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