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Basic principle of module selection
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Many mechanical modules are used, there are also many friends bought module, but you should know how to choose the appropriate module, the price is reasonable, practical function, speed today robot technology co., LTD. Teach you how to choose the module, should abide by the principles! Today speed on robot technology co., LTD. Will solve the problem for you.

Module selection principles:

1, the priority is the performance rather than price: to meet the design requirements should be the goal of users first, and then is to find the proper suppliers get a relatively low price is right. Mechanical products, parts and components industry is prepared rarely hairy profiteering is the case, in addition to high-end brand if you ignore channel factors, we basically think high price and good quality.

2, the priority is the type of products rather than brand: as a user, not only loyal to the brand, at the right time to the appropriate occasion different brands of products is very important.

3, give priority to the continued availability of the brand not appropriate to the single specification or a single order: don't trust the sale of any manufacturer, the guide rail inappropriate soy sauce, brewing and blending of the cost difference between.

4, to give priority to is a standard model rather than a special model: each manufacturer of sample will be in the same list many of the specifications of the products, but there is no production or coordination &liaision instead may actually most long, so don't choose the specifications of the pig oviduct, unnecessary to avoid in order, delivery time, maintenance.

Learn more modules, linear module, this we will have more opportunities in the selection, I hope we will help provide knowledge to the masses of users.

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